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Your Guests Will Leave With Sweet Memories

The Chocolate Swan fountains can be used to transform any type of function into a memorable, special occasion! We’ve had requests for weddings; conferences; high school dances & graduations; sorority functions; corporate milestone celebrations, parties, meetings; Foundation galas; Bar/Bat Mitzvahs; anniversaries; storefront open houses; and even showers! The best part is that you can pick items to dip based upon your event and season. Some of the best ideas we’ve heard are candy canes at Christmas or heart-shaped sugar cookies at a Valentine’s Day wedding. Only your tastebuds are the limit – berries, marshmallows, caramels, coconut macaroons, bananas, nuts, cookies, shortbreads, angel food and pound cakes, graham crackers, pretzels, cream puffs and even pineapple chunks. The only hint we’ve found is to serve dipping items that don’t crumble and/or can be used with skewers in order to keep the items from falling and getting lodged in the fountain.  See more ideas for dipping items.

Chocolate Swan offers service tiers that range from fountain rental only to full fountain catering –  with setup and breakdown and all of the dipping supplies.

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