Chocolate Fountain Dipping Items

Remember, your taste buds are the only limit.  For best results, choose items that won’t crumble or fall off of skewers into the chocolate basin.  If you have any other good ideas, please let us know!

  • cream puffs
  • coconut macaroons
  • fresh fruit – particularly strawberries, pineapple chunks, bananas (if pectin is used)
  • cheesecake squares (firm)
  • caramels
  • cookies – butter, shortbread, sugar (seasonally shaped), chocolate chip
  • angel food cake
  • marshmallows
  • pound cake
  • nuts
  • brownie chunks
  • quick breads (banana, cranberry, almond poppyseed, etc.)
  • graham crackers (particularly graham sticks)
  • pretzels
  • potato chips
  • candy canes
  • peanut butter balls
  • rice krispie treat squares
  • caramel covered marshmallows
  • marshmallows with graham cracker crumbs (s’mores)

For a MORE COMPLETE Best Chocolate Fountain dipping items list that you can open and print – click here.

We also have wonderful dipping item ideas for our cheese fountains… click herefor more information.

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