Chocolate Fountains

Our Chocolate fountains are completely made of stainless steel and weigh about 60 lbs. Chocolate flows up a specially-made stainless steel corkscrew that rotates and brings the chocolate from the tempered base to the opening at the top of the fountain. The chocolate then cascades over four tiers, collecting at the basin before spiraling to the top of the fountain for recirculation.

chocolate fountains

Chocolate Swan fountains are easy to set up and break down. They ship in 2 parts: the base tempering (heating) unit, and the tower, consisting of the cylinder, the corkscrew and four tiers. Assembly is very basic (see image gallery) however it is essential to make sure the base unit and tiers are level in order to maintain a consistent sheeting of the chocolate and avoid spillage. It is just as easy to disassemble, so the clean up is quick.

The operation is simple, just plug in, set the temperature and start the corkscrew blade. Once the fountain is going, you can always add more chocolate throughout the event. The fountain, itself, can melt the chocolate, but may take awhile because of the low temperature. For best results, melt the chocolate on your own (either using a double boiler or a microwave on medium heat – just make sure you stir the chocolate frequently to prevent it from crystallizing) and then pour into the base of the fountain.

A few notes about location and placement at your event: You will need access to a 3-prong outlet. You will also want to be sure your fountain is not in a drafty area and away from overhead vents and registers, particularly those that deliver cold air. Cold temperatures immediately impact the stainless steel and cause the chocolate to crystallize. Outdoor events are challenging, but not impossible, as bugs, dust and leaves in the air may get caught in the chocolate.

Visit the image gallery or browse our web site to learn more about the chocolate, yummy suggestions for dipping items, service tiers and pricing.

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