A Chocolate Fountains Services Tier for Any Event

ChocolateSwan offers many service tiers to fit your specific event needs.

Tier 1: Our most basic package is simply fountain rental. With this package you will pick up the fountain and be responsible for set-up, operation, breakdown, and return of the fountain. An up-to 100% refundable deposit will be required and you will be responsible for any shipping costs and shipping insurance necessary.

Tier 2: Need someone to staff the fountain station for you? In addition to the fountain rental, Chocolate Legacy will provide:

  • Transportation, equipment set-up, break-down and equipment clean-up services
  • Personnel to staff the fountain throughout your event, refreshing your dipping items and maintaining chocolate levels in the fountain

Tier 3: We can handle your whole fountain station for you. Delegate all the details to us. Just let us know what your needs are – we can work directly with you or with your event coordinator or caterers! We can provide:

  • Dipping items – be sure to contact us to discuss your ideal arrangements and obtain a price quote!
  • Customized table decoration
  • Utensils, napkins or serving plates
  • Any other services you wish to incorporate

Visit the image gallery or browse our web site to learn more about the fountains, rich, Belgian chocolate, yummy suggestions for dipping items and pricing.

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